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The 70's

The 1970’s. This is where it all started for me. June of 1975 to be exact. This was an awesome time for skateboarding. Early pioneers were starting to take what was called sidewalk surfing to another level… read more

Guys like Tony Alva and Jay Adams (above ) had a very stylish and aggressive approach to skateboarding which would clearly define its future path. By 1979 the frontside ollie had been invented by Florida native Alan Gelfand…and that would change skateboarding forever.

The 80's

The 1980’s is when vert skating came into play. There were many great contests during that decade – Kona in Florida, Virginia Beach, SUAS in Houston Texas and of course, DelMar California… read more

Many legends and rivalries were born during this decade; Caballero, Hawk, and Hosoi just to name a few. Skateparks had died towards the end of that decade and lead many vert skaters to build ramps in their yards and take it to the streets, which is when street skating began to take on a life of its own.


Today skateboarding remains strong after all these years and has many different identities, whether you skate pools, vert, street, the parks, plazas etc. – It’s All Skateboarding. Skateboarders are pure artists at work…read more

whether you’re into the grand scheme of things, being the x-games or dew tour, or big stage events – or if you’re a modern day kickflipper – or helping a local community with its own diy spot – skateboarding still remains the coolest thing on earth.


We are a 100% skateboarder-owned and operated business with 40+ years of skateboard experience. If you are in the area please stop in and check us out.